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Flight Calibration Services Limited 
Calibration House
17-19 Cecil Pashley Way 
Shoreham BN43 5FF


Discover one of the most well respected jobs in the aviation industry - Calibration Pilot

If you are keen to contribute to the safety of pilots worldwide, home in on your hand flying skills and fly instrument approaches everyday, become a calibration pilot.


You will be flying somewhere new every week. From Tunis Carthage to low flying over Loch Ness, variety is such an appeal in terms of adventure and learning. Discover both major cities and remote locations - from the air.


Low Level Flying

Low level flying is one of the pre-requisites to calibrating and understanding the aircraft you are operating to reach limits you will never go near in an airliner. 50ft passes along the runway, steep turns, combining IFR with VFR enables our pilots to juggle on a daily basis.


Attractive Homebase

Located one hour from London, over the lagoons of the South of England, at Shoreham-by-Sea, FSCL is nestled on the Southern coast on England. We are a privately owned - Award Winning company - The Queen's Award - operating DA62's worldwide.


Fast Progress

Trained to exacting standards, First Officers/Captains are sent abroad within two weeks of starting, to calibrate equipment on runways. A good salary and rapid rise to Captain, within a year depending on the individual.

If you speak English, hold an ME/IR (EASA) please contact us today. We would be delighted to meet you!