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Flight Calibration Services Limited 
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Latest News
Monday 26 April - 14:23

April 2021


FCSL with ITN Productions and The AoA have produced the following 4 minute video clip which provides a brief overview of the FCSL Flight Inspection Service

Monday 26 April - 14:00

January 2021


FCSL have signed a long term Contract with the Irish Aviation Authority to Flight Check all their Navaids Country-wide including Dublin, Shannon and Cork

Wednesday 05 May - 12:13

April 2021


FCSL and Mopiens signed a Contract  to Flight Check several VOR Navids located in Morocco in 2021

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FCSL flight check 98 ILS systems in the UK and Ireland every six months.The UK Cat III flight checks are performed at: Heathrow x 4, Gatwickx 2, Stansted x 2, Glasgow x 2, Edinburgh x 2, Belfast International x 1, Birmingham x 2, Bristol x 1, Cardiff x 2, Manchester x 2, Aberdeen x 2, East Midlands x 1, Bournemouth x 1, Jersey x 1, Newcastle x 2, Leeds Bradford x 1, Doncaster x 1. The Irish Cat II flight checks are performed at: Dublin x 2, Cork x 1, Ireland West x 1 and Shannon x 1. FCSL also flight check  42 NATS DVOR/DMEs spread accross the UK.                               

Additional flight checks provided by FCSL include: TACAN, NDB, PAR, RADARs (PSR and MSSR)) RNAV, GNSS, GPS, and SBAS Validation, AGL, PAPI and Instrument procedure design.

FCSL now provide over 98% of all the Civil flight checks in UK and Ireland