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Flight Calibration Services Limited 
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Latest News
Monday 26 April - 14:23

April 2021


FCSL with ITN Productions and The AoA have produced the following 4 minute video clip which provides a brief overview of the FCSL Flight Inspection Service

Monday 26 April - 14:00

January 2021


FCSL have signed a long term Contract with the Irish Aviation Authority to Flight Check all their Navaids Country-wide including Dublin, Shannon and Cork

Wednesday 05 May - 12:13

April 2021


FCSL and Mopiens signed a Contract  to Flight Check several VOR Navids located in Morocco in 2021

FCSL | Company Overview

Company Overview


Flight Calibration Services Ltd (FCSL) provides cost effective flight calibration / inspection / validation / checking for the full range of aircraft radio navigation aids, including Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) to Cat III and primary / secondary radar systems with minimum disruptions to airfield and aircraft operations. The company's remarkable growth has been underpinned by continued and substantial investment in aircraft, flight inspection equipment and personnel, which allows it to continually improve customer services.

FCSL is both a Flight Inspection Service provider and a Flight Inspection System (FIS) manufacturer. By taking full advantage of this combination of capabilities and the efficiencies available through its use of the latest technology, significant cost savings have been made. The main cost saving has been achieved by using small lightweight airborne equipment with a high level automation, which reduces manpower and enables the use of smaller aircraft with lower operating and modification costs.

 Key Features of its service include: 

  • UK CAA SARG approval
  • CAP 670 Compliant
  • ICAO Doc 8071 Compliant
  • Approvals from a number of other Aviation Regulatory Authorities worldwide
  • 7 Aircraft, flight inspection equipment and crews for guaranteed service
  • Compact and light weight, man-portable equipment
  • Rapid deployment of GPS ground equipment
  • Ground unit requires no external power supply
  • Emphasis on quality and customer service

This translates into the following benefits for the customer:

  • Real-time / live availability of inspection results
  • Less time on the airfield during the inspection
  • Less time producing the inspection report
  • Less disruptions to operations
  • A quality, cost effective flight calibration / inspection / validation / checking service