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Flight Calibration Services Limited 
Calibration House
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Shoreham BN43 5FF

May 2019




We are shocked and saddened beyond words by the loss of three colleagues and a Honeywell employee in Dubai. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families. 

Customers are asked to contact our operations department as usual and all messages of condolences will be shared with the families.

Anybody wishing to leave a message of condolence may do so at the Just Giving page (see below) which has been set up for the three FCSL crew members of “Flight Cal 08”. All funds raised will go towards a plaque in memory of the crew which will be displayed at Shoreham Airport and the balance will be shared equally with their families or their nominated charities.


DUBAI INCIDENT, JUST GIVING PAGE please help us raise £10,000 for the families